Sports Weekend

4 days on bike on the lakes
31 October 2019
Lago Maggiore / Stelvio
31 October 2019

Sports Weekend 2016

If you want to combine sport and relaxation with good food and fine wine, why not try a weekend on Lake Maggiore?

Throughout 2016 we offer weekend holidays for road cycling and MTB enthusiasts who want to explore the stunning countryside and fascinating culture that’s just waiting to be discovered on and around the lakes.

To complete the Italian experience the Belvedere’s restaurant and wine cellar has a tantalising selection of locally produced fare and wines so you can discover the traditions for which the Merzagora family has been famous since 1865.

From 135,00 € (2 days)

Detailed information about the routes (mileage, route profiles, and average times) will be provided by the bike manager upon your arrival so that you can choose which route best suits your fitness level. The bike manager will often accompany you during your tours.

If you come with someone who doesn’t ride, we can provide maps and directions for covering scenic routes effortlessly using the Nordic Walking technique. We will provide the Nordic Walking poles.

The offer includes:

  • welcome drinks
  • briefing about the routes
  • a daily mechanical check
  • a bike cleaning service
  • storage facilities for bikes with video surveillance and an alarm
  • a laundry service
  • sports breakfast
  • packed lunch containing a fruit tart, a sandwich, a banana and water
  • an energy snack
  • sauna
  • B&B accommodation with a double room

Additional services (booking and fee required):

  • wine and food tasting during stops along the route
  • an expert guide
  • first-rate bike hire
  • sports massages
  • boat trips to the Borromean Islands
  • visits to Varese’s historic villas
  • a visit to the Botanical Gardens in Pallanza (the finest in Europe)
  • visits to local museums