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19 November 2019
Quassa Tour walking
19 November 2019
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Ranco-Ispra Panoramic walking

Distance: 19,24 km (12 miles)
Time: 1:30 / 2.00 h.
Average speed: 13.00/10.00 km/h
Elevation: 317 m

This incredibly scenic route with panoramic views is very easy except for an uphill section of about 1 ¼ miles.

It is perfect for walking, running or mountain biking. The walk starts in Ranco and after about 1 ¼ miles the road starts to climb the San Quirico hill towards the small church for another 1 ¼ miles.

From then on the going is downhill and flat, heading through the Quassa Park to the inlet at Ispra and along the lake by Ispra.

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