The history of the Belvedere dates back almost 150 years: it started life as a traditional tavern offering sustenance to fishermen after a day’s fishing out on Lake Maggiore, and to the first pioneering tourists who cycled to Ranco from Varese, Gallarate and Busto Arsizio. Over the years the tavern became an inn, a restaurant and then the hotel it is today.

The Belvedere still retains all these characteristics, keeping history and traditions alive and combining these values with modern-day demands for exceptionally high standards of hospitality.

The authenticity, warmth and courtesy you expect of a family-run hotel have not changed since 1865, but the quality of the service is undeniably 21st century. We strive to anticipate and exceed our guests’ expectations so they leave completely satisfied they found everything they were looking for.

At the Belvedere, we pride ourselves on providing genuine hospitality.

Hotel Ristorante Belvedere today.